The European Version Of The Hitachi Magic Wand

Europe Magic Wand®

€139.95Europe Magic Wand®

Why is the Hitachi magic wand not available in Europe?

The Hitachi magic wand is only available for sale in America because it only works on American voltage. The Europe Magic Wand® is the exact same as the Hitachi, and works in Europe and anywhere in the world. Awesome!

  • Get intense orgasms for yourself or for your partner
  • Spice up your relationship in the bedroom (rawr! meow!)
  • Reach orgasm faster and more often
  • 100% Electric operation. Never worry about buying batteries again.
  • Great for BDSM & Bondage roleplay (naughty…naughty…)
  • Better orgasms. Happy Lover. Happy life.

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Free Shipping. 3 days with tracking number. Shipped from multiple warehouses in Europe, we use the closest to you :)

discreet shipping in plain brown box

Discreet Shipping

Discreet shipping in a plain brown box with no images. 100% anonymous.


1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty. If your Magic Wand breaks, we’ll help you get it repaired or replaced for free!


  • Powerful vibrations that gives intense orgasms.
  • 6 Speeds (2800 RPM – 6000 RPM).
  • Universal Voltage. Can be used anywhere in the world.

    (90V-260V volts / 50Hz / 15 Watts)

  • 100% Electric operation | No batteries needed
  • Extra long cord: 230 cm
  • Discreet appearance (doesn’t look like a sex toy or dildo)
  • Length: 32 cm. Weight: 670 g.

Europe’s answer to the Hitachi Magic Wand. The Europe Magic Wand® Massager is Europe’s best selling vibrator.

Can be used for:

Massages on the back, neck, shoulders and the entire body. It can also be used to provide stimulation to the clitoris and, when used with an attachment, the G-spot. Soothe your body from stress and explore the various vibrating patterns to discover new relaxing sensations. The Europe Magic Wand® massager & vibrator can be used alone or with a partner.

Beware of fake Hitachi magic wands in Europe!

Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator Google Chart And Statistics

Warning: Did you know that 97% of the Hitachi magic wand massagers sold in Europe are fake? Many counterfeit wands are sold on Ebay, Amazon, and other dishonest European websites, these sites are selling fake, counterfeit magic wand massagers. The other 3% of massagers available are genuine but are sold illegally and without approval in Europe. Vibratex (Hitachi’s official distributor of the Magic Wand vibrator) DOES NOT legally authorize the sale of the Magic Wand Original outside of North America. This is due to liability reasons, as it only supports 110v-120v voltage. This means buying a genuine wand will cost you €200 when you live in Europe, you will have to use a step down transformer, which damages the massager, reduce its lifespan and voids your warranty. Don’t be fooled by fakes!
Buy with confidence: The Europe Magic Wand massager is your 1st choice when looking for an alternative for the Hitachi magic wand massager in Europe. Designed in Europe, it comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. It is safer and more powerful than cheap Hitachi magic wand replicas and will give you very intense orgasms – guaranteed!

Better Orgasms. Less Stress. Happy Life.

happy couple on bed-


Make sex more fun!

happy woman on bed-


Treat yourself with mind-blowing orgasms.

bondage and bdsm with the magic wand by hitachi

Bondage & BDSM

‘Torture’ your partner with forced orgasms.

frequently asked questions about the Hitachi magic wand massager in Europe and the Europe magic wand and Euro Wand

Frequently Asked Questions

The Europe Magic Wand Massager has been inspired by the American Hitachi magic wand massager. It has been designed to support voltage of 220v-240v making it suitable for use in the Europe. (The original Hitachi wand only supports 120v – which is unsuitable for use in Europe). The specifications of both wands are nearly identical: The Europe Magic Wand has 6 speeds and powerful vibrations that give mind-blowing orgasms.
Yes. The Europe Magic Wand Massager is shipped very discreetly in a plain brown box with no images and no description about what is inside the package. 100% anonymous. Your confidentiality is our priority. Free Shipping Worldwide.
Yes. It actually supports 100v-240v voltage, this means you can use it in every country around the world. You can take it with you everywhere you go.
No. The genuine Hitachi magic wand is only available for sale in the USA and Canada. It is not available for sale outside of North American because Hitachi has only made the wand to support American voltage of 120v volts. Also it has not been CE approved to be sold in Europe or anywhere else.
The G-Spot attachment turns your Europe Magic Wand into a ‘2 in 1’ vibrator. It offers multiple options for both external and internal stimulation. More information about this G-Spot attachment can be found here.

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