Attachments & Accessories

Try one of our attachments or accessories to turn your Euro Wand Massager into a multi-purpose vibrator.

G-Spot Stimulator:

Hitachi magic wand attachment and Oz Wand vibrator attachments to stimulate the G-spot

Hitachi magic wand attachments and accessories (they also in Australia

The G-Spot stimulator attachment provides both external and internal stimulation options for its users. Using the back, rounded part, of the attachment can give a diffused stimulation sensation. The tip of the attachment can be use for clitoris stimulation or use the entire attachment internally for deep G-Spot stimulation. The stiffness, texture and curved design of the attachment provides ultimate G-Spot stimulation. Alternate between the different vibration options when using the G-Spot attachment and make the wand your most versatile toy ever. The wand will become your best friend in bed!

Hitachi magic wand attachments and accessories in Australia (they also fit the Oz Wand vibrator)

Buy Euro Wand Massager + Magic Wand Attachments

Purchasing magic wand attachments along with the Euro Wand massager (Europe’s alternative to the Hitachi magic wand) will allow for your wand to be used externally and internally. Making it the most versatile toy. Free Shipping!

Please note that attachments and accessories can be used for the Euro Wand massager and also the Hitachi magic wand (for our American customers). Accessories and attachments fit both the older Hitachi HV-250R massager or the newer, 2013 Magic Wand Original HV-260 model, providing you more stimulation options.