Hitachi magic wand Europe wholesale

What are the advantages of stocking the Euro Wand® Massager?

Increase Conversions & Sales

Increase your conversions by up to 30% by offering your customers a European product instead of an American product. Many people are looking for an alternative to the Hitachi magic wand in Europe. Do you frequently get asked this question: “Do you stock the Hitachi magic wand massager?”. Increase your sales by answering: “The Hitachi is only available in America, but we stock the European version of the Hitachi magic wand – the Euro Wand massager: 220V-240V, CE approved for guaranteed safe use in the Europe & comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Looks and feels like the American Hitachi magic wand
  • Made for Europe
  • 220v-240v volts
  • 1 Year Warranty

Increase Perceived Value

Increase perceived value by offering a wired, 220V-240V mains-powered massager as opposed to wireless alternatives from our competitors. Why? Many people find that wired massagers are stronger and more powerful then wireless vibrators. This is why most customers prefer 220V-240V volts mains-powered products as they consider them to be a better value for their money. Mains-powered magic wand massagers are always ready when you need them without worrying about batteries. Offer your customers what they already want and increase your sales with the Euro Wand Massager.

  • Customers prefer wired massagers
  • More durable than rechargeable vibrators
  • No need to worry about batteries
  • Free storage pouch

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